How to write an introduction?

Introduction to the thesis

In this section we present numerous educational courses that have been carried out in different editions of the project Observing and which can be freely followed by anyone, even modifying them. They have been grouped in broad lines based on the prevailing type of text to be produced, or the skills to be developed, and are preceded by a brief theoretical introduction on the learning and teaching of writing, a theme that occurs in many activities.

Each section of paths begins with a description of how children gradually learn to construct a certain type of text: in line with all the philosophy of the project, the observation of learning processes is the basis of every educational intervention. Then follow some general educational instructions, valid for all activities and therefore not to be repeated time and time again. Finally, there are links to many forms, each of which describes an educational path that has been carried out in one or more classes participating in the trial and which can be replicated by anyone; to facilitate this, there are often, or within the text file or as separate attachments, the concrete materials to be used, such as tables, images, examples.

To avoid repetition, some paths lead to a file of general methodological indications, which can however be useful to consult in all cases.

A syllabus of the project

Many of the paths found on this site have been organized into an organic vertical syllabus, from the beginning of primary school to the end of the lower secondary school.