How to Cite an Essay in a Book

Often, writers are asked to cite a book in their article, but if asked, are you in a position of citing an article in a book?

Three Ways of Citing an Essay in a Book

The journey of writing begins with a simple drafting of compositions. From here, it proceeds to essays that are not only lengthier but professional and academic and buy essays online for college. Championing this is the aspect of citing where a writer is usually required to recognize the ideas they borrowed from various sources, including books. With constant writing of lengthier essays, one finds themselves writing books. While this is a great thing, the main problem comes when you have to cite an article within that book. Well, here the top three ways of how to cite an article in a book:

Include The Essay’s Topic

If you have written an article before, you understand that a topic is one of the essential things of this type of writing. Without question, an essay can quickly become discredited. Influencing this is the fact that it will lack an identity. The topic serves as an identity of an essay. This means that the first way of citing an essay in a book is through the title. Consider the case of an article titled ‘A good book is the best nourishment.’ One can cite this essay in a book by stating: According to A Good Book is the Best Nourishment, the best advice is obtained in books.

Include The Essay’s Topic and Author

Often, essays share similar titles. Therefore, to make the reader aware of the specific piece you are referencing, you want to include the author of the article. Consequently, this means that apart from covering the title of the essay, you can also consider including the title of the piece and the name of the author. Assuming the writer of the article in the previous section was Smith, then, in your book, you should state that according to Smith’s A Good Book is the Best Nourishment, the best advice is obtained in books.

H2: Include the Page

Essays may not have the years included. However, they normally include page numbers. From the two methods presented above, it is apparent that the sentence appears long because of the mentioning of the title of the essay. In an attempt to convey your message and still citing the essay, you can include the page number. Here, you need to include the name of the author and the page number of the borrowed phrase. For example, the best advice is obtained in books (Smith 3).

H2: Conclusion

It doesn’t matter if you are a student or a professional writer; exposure to essay writing will make you desire to write a book in the future. While writing your book, you will find the need for citing an essay. Luckily, you do not have to panic while this time comes. The reason is that you have all the tips you need to cite a piece in a book correctly.